Our Team

We are not a bunch of people; we are smart, accessible, easy to talk to, unafraid of tough challenges and relentlessly pragmatic about finding ways to give our clients a marketing advantage. At GEMINI, we work with clients to strengthen and deliver a measurable outcome that leads to an increase in sales and valuation. We get people to notice, to engage, to act.

At GEMINI, the work encompasses every kind of creative content that can touch the consumer and reinforce the brand. We fully believe in the power of creativity to touch hearts, change minds and build brands. It’s why we exist as an agency-to create surprising and original ideas that deliver tangible results, participate with them and pass them along to their network of friends, family and colleagues.

Talented people with outstanding ideas. That’s what we have got and we are looking for more.

If you want to work in a fun, creative and challenging environment that rewards talented, passionate people, we would love to hear from you.

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